Friday, May 27, 2011

Esperanza's Art and the Art of Theology- A Blog Essay by J. Kameron Carter

I ran across this excellent blog post by J. Kameron Carter on the implications of Esperanza Spalding's art for Christian theology. Very interesting. 

From the blog post: 

"[Esperanza's] art suggests how we might think towards a different aesthetic and poetics for Christian life and thought in the 21st century. She suggests what may be called a jazz cadence for Christian theology. Such a theological poetics and aesthetics would need to reimagine tradition (I would do this in the direction of a scriptural discourse of “covenant”), it would need to think in tongues, it would have to exist pentecostally in ways akin to what I’ve talked about here, and finally it would have be Christian in a way that drinks deeply from the wells of love and not from the the noxious waters of fear—fear of loosing “our” culture. It must be a Christianity that refuses mastery."

You may read the entire essay here: 

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