Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who is right about President Obama- Cornel West, or Frank Schaeffer?

I find the discussion about Obama on the left interesting:

1) Is he a big corporate sell out, the suave handsome face of an Empire, who really does not care about the poor but about the big banks and corporate interests?

2) Or is President Obama a well accomplished president, who after inheriting a mess averted a second Great Depression, doing the best he can for the people to get reforms in health care and other areas, within a system highly resistant to change?

On my blog, I have posted a couple of critical posts of President Obama by Dr. Cornel West who who represents the first view, but I also have posted a couple more supportive of him by Frank Schaeffer, who stands by President Obama and represents the second view.

Truth is, I change my mind about him all the time, sometimes I agree more with Schaeffer, other times with West.

The people I admire the most among American elected officials are Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. But I cannot foresee a progressive candidate of their ilk having a realistic chance to win the Presidency in this country at this time.

And I probably will have to vote for President Obama if we need to stop whatever ticket the Republicans may run in 2012- especially if they run a crypto-fascist, or some version of the crazy train. 

But if the President has a comfortable lead in Minnesota, I may not. The last several election cycles I have been trying as much as I can to vote for Socialists and Greens. We need to have run off voting and fusion voting in this country.

Right now, the only democrats I feel good about voting for in my state are Keith Ellison, my representative, and our new governor in Minnesota, Mark Dayton.

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