Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Definition of a Christian

I love this definition of a Christian given by my favorite singer songwriter, Bruce Cockburn. I adopt it as my own definition of what a Christian is. -Lance 

"The only definition of a Christian - I got this from C.S. Lewis - is somebody who accepts the reality of Christ. What is that reality? Well, there we get into fights, don't we? I know my own experience tells me there is somebody - and it's not a thing - at the centre of Christianity. I assume it to be Christ, and assume that's my point of contact with God, whom none of us have a very good definition for. I like to talk about Love rather than God. What we think of as love is his expression of involvement in the universe, and that is the glue that holds everything together, from the subatomic particles up. It is also the hand that breaks us apart, but that has to do with our failure to relate to it properly. Doubts caused by the behaviour of the church can only be answered by personal experience. Sometimes it takes an effort to remember the experiences you've had and how vivid they were. A lot of shit gets in the way."

-- from "Faith in Practice: Holding on to the Mystery of Love" by Bruce Cockburn (as told to Cole Morton), p. 15, Third Way, September 1994.

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