Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Irresponsible Government and Cynical Poltics in Minnesota

In our state of Minnesota, we have a standoff between a Republican legislature and a Democratic Governor, Mark Dayton. They cannot agree on a budget, so we are facing a shut down in this state.

When it comes to budget negotiations, Dayton gave ground from his end, the Republicans haven't; plus they are willing to make some of the most vulnerable people in our society suffer, while protecting some of the richest people in our society from what for them, is a little more in taxes, which will not hurt them one bit.

Plus, the Republicans squandered valuable time at the end of the regular session on that damn marriage amendment. So they are discrimminating against one group of people (gay and lesbian folk), using it as a wedge issue, and not completing the fiscal task they need to. That is irresponsible government and cynical poltics.

You see that is what poor values some Americans have these day? Protect the rich and powerful, and punish the poor, sick and disabled.

This is ungodly. I will not ever vote for a Republican. I had a good friend criticize me for this (for not being open even hypothetically to vote for a Republican). But until the Republicans show that they are responsible, they do not deserve my vote, and frankly, I do not think they deserve anyone else's either- unless you are rich and selfish.

I believe my view point will be vindicated next election, because the Republicans will be punished at the polls, mark my words.

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  1. It is, without doubt, a regular circus in St. Paul.