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John Lennon was NOT a Republican - from Jon Wiener in the Nation Magazine

John Lennon 

There has been some controversy today over the idea that John Lennon was a Republican. Not likely. Fred Seaman, his former assistant, who was convicted of stealing Lennon's diaries and other personal belongings, has little credibility with me. I read his "tell it all" book about his former boss years ago. Jon Wiener in a blog piece written for the Nation, disputes the idea that Lennon was a Republican: 

from the article:

Late that November, Lennon spoke out on behalf of striking workers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. (The story is told in my book Come Together: John Lennon in His Time.) The strike was against Japan Foods Corporation, a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational Kikkoman, best known for its soy sauce. The US workers, primarily Japanese, were members of the Teamsters. In LA and San Francisco, they went on strike for higher wages. The shop steward of the LA local, Shinya Ono, persuaded John and Yoko to make a public statement addressed to the striking workers:
“We are with you in spirit.… In this beautiful country where democracy is the very foundation of its constitution, it is sad that we have to still fight for equal rights and equal pay for the citizens. Boycott it must be, if it is the only way to bring justice and restore the dignity of the constitution for the sake of all citizens of the US and their children.
“Peace and love, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. New York City, December, 1980.”
That was Lennon’s last written political statement. It doesn’t seem to be the work of a “closet Republican.”
Seaman says Lennon told him he was disillusioned with Jimmy Carter in 1980. Lots of people on the left were disillusioned with Jimmy Carter in 1980, and for good reasons. That didn't make you a Republican, closeted or otherwise. 
You can read the whole article here: 

John Lennon: NOT a Closet Republican

Jon Wiener 

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