Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bernie Sanders: Why Americans Are So Angry

Bernie Sanders is to me the greatest public servant elected to a national office. He is uncompromising in his defense of the poor, working class, and middle class. He fights for human dignity at every turn. He is a prophetic voice, in an Old Testament sense, speaking truth to power and demanding social justice. With both parties having become completely corporatist, Sanders, as an independent, is one of strong voices left in national government for the people. In this essay, he denounces the unjust and unequal social relations in this country at this current time, especially as it relates to tax policy. 

from the article:
"The rich are getting richer. Their effective tax rate, in recent years, has been reduced to the lowest in modern history. Nurses, teachers and firemen actually pay a higher tax rate than some billionaires. It's no wonder the American people are angry.

Many corporations, including General Electric and Exxon-Mobil, have made billions in profits while using loopholes to avoid paying any federal income taxes. We lose $100 billion every year in federal revenue from companies and individuals who stash their wealth in tax havens off-shore like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The sum of all the revenue collected by the Treasury today totals just 14.8% of our gross domestic product, the lowest in about 50 years.

In the midst of this, Republicans in Congress have been fanatically determined to protect the interests of the wealthy and large multinational corporations so that they do not contribute a single penny toward deficit reduction.

If the Republicans have their way, the entire burden of deficit reduction will be placed on the elderly, the sick, children and working families. In the midst of a horrendous recession that is already causing severe pain for average Americans, this approach is morally grotesque. It's also bad economic policy."

read the entire essay here:
Why Americans Are So Angry

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