Sunday, July 17, 2011

Esperanza Spalding Performs Winter Sun in Holland 2011 tour

Esperanza performing Winter Sun very recently in Holland, on her current tour. There are several videos of her performing Winter Sun that I like. So far, that song seems to me to be Esperanza's Masterpiece, out of a very strong catalog of original compositions. The bossa nova bass riff is so catchy, the lyrics clever and poetic, and the song features smart vocal harmonies.

This particular video is great-

First, it is well done, excellent cinematography, great shots of everyone in the band, and of Esperanza.

Secondly, the performance is fantastic, the band really clicks.

Thirdly, Esperanza's bass solo is sublime. She is truly an inspiring bassist. She is my favorite bassist right now, her technique is flawless.

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