Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Gospel of the Right: From the Book of Wisdom 2.10,11

Let’s take advantage of the day laborer who does what’s right. Let’s not be afraid to abuse the widow. Let’s show that we couldn’t care less for the gray hair of our elders. May strength be our only law and determine what’s right, for it’s clear to us that what is weak is worthless.  - Wisdom 2.10,11 Common English Bible 

I have watched most of the Republican debates. So far, the audiences at these events have:

  • Cheered for Rick Perry's numerous executions 
  • Cheered for allowing a person without health insurance to die 
  • Booed a gay Iraq War veteran who served his country in battle 
  • Cheered for Herman Cain's ignorant and calloused assertion that if you are not rich, it is your own fault.

These spectacles are repugnant. It seems as though that in the Republican Party these days, cruelty is cherished and that there is an utter contempt for compassion.

This is a party that seems to have only one over-riding concern: DON'T TAX THE RICH! Oh, yeah, and one other thing- let's make the black, "Muslim," "socialist" President fail!

On the other hand, they offer regressive tax schemes (like Cain's 9-9-9), cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and a vigorous attack on public employee unions, in any state in which they hold power. They seem hell bent on destroying the middle class.

It is not only Republicans, but some Democrats, too, people like Ben Nelson and Joseph Lieberman, who were against the public option in health care, and have helped to obstruct President Obama's jobs bill.

These positions are attacks on workers, the elderly, and the most vulnerable people in our society. These people on the right often claim to have values, wrap themselves in Christianity, and claim to follow the Bible. I suppose they do-  they are following the people described in the Book of Wisdom, chapter 2, verse 10 and 11.

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