Monday, December 26, 2011

The Magical Mystery Tour Premiered on Boxing Day 1967

Forty-four years ago today, on Boxing Day in 1967, viewers of the BBC in the United Kingdom were treated to the Beatle's self-made movie, the Magical Mystery Tour. A project largely conceived by Paul, the Beatles went out to the country side in a painted bus, and filmed the movie, which largely consisted of made-up adventures, psychedelic fantasy and dream sequences, and great videos of Beatle songs. The movie at the time was savaged by the critics, but since has become a Beatle fan favorite. As Paul McCartney once said, "What other movie can you watch and see John Lennon singing 'I am the Walrus?'"

In England, the six movie songs were released as a double 45RPM Extend Play (EP); in the United States, a full album was released, which in addition to the movie songs contained both sides of their last three non-album singles. It was a number one LP in the United States, and the Britain eventually put out the album version later, in 1978.

As an album, it is one of the Beatle's finest, but then again, all the Beatle albums are great. Such Beatle classics as the title track, I am the Walrus, and number #1 singles Hello Goodbye,  Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, and All You Need is Love appear on the album. The Magical Mystery Tour is a personal favorite of mine.

I had the enormous pleasure of watching Paul McCartney perform Hello Goodbye, Penny Lane, and Magical Mystery Tour in concert.

Here is the song list:

Magical Mystery Tour 
Fool on the Hill 
Blue Jay Way
Your Mother Should Know 
I Am the Walrus 
Hello Goodbye 
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Baby You're a Rich Man
All You Need is Love

Below I have both my Youtube play list for both the entire movie of the Magical Mystery Tour, and for the videos of all 11 songs on the album. Enjoy!

The Magical Mystery Tour Movie 

The Magical Mystery Tour album. 

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