Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Meeting

I approach the rail, to kneel and receive
Thy most precious body and blood.

I kneel besides others at the rail
as I wait for the priest to approach me

I carry with me all the sorrows and burdens
of the week
I carry with me all the heart ache
and loss

my head bowed, my right palm resting on my left
the priest places the sacred host on my hand.
“the body of Christ, the bread of heaven...”
I raise my palm to my mouth
I consume the host

the deacon comes by with the chalice
“the blood of Christ, the cup of salvation”
I draw the chalice to my lips, and drink the sacred blood.

I cross myself and rise up
tears flood my eyes
I encounter the invisible Christ
he stands by the rail
he looks at me

“I know you are frail; I know what you suffer
I have been there before
I know how hard things are
I am with you
I am here”

I walk back to my seat
I kneel in the pew
his hand on my shoulder
“I have been there I know your hardship”

I have this meeting with Christ
every week
I meet him at the rail every week
He is there
He knows
He walks with me
all the time
I just sometimes forget
till I kneel at the rail

copyright © 2011 Lance Goldsberry

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