Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pope St. Leo the Great on Usury and Capitalism

"The money-lender’s trade is always bad....The iniquity of money-lending must absolutely be abjured, and the gain which lacks all humanity must be shunned. A man’s possessions are indeed multiplied by these unrighteous and sorry means, but the mind’s wealth decays because usury of money is the death of the soul. For... he who gets deceitful gain from lending his money on usury is shown to be both an alien from God’s tabernacle and an exile from His holy hill, and in seeking to enrich himself by others’ losses, he deserves to be punished with eternal neediness."

~ Pope St. Leo the Great, (5th C.), On the Fast of the Tenth Month, Sermon 17


"Usury used to be mortal sin as heinous as murder. Now, it's just called 'capitalism.'" - my friend, Aham Svarupa

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