Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sherrilyn Ifill on the Legacy of Dr. King- Scott Walker and his wife look uncomfortable!

This video features a speech that Professor Sherrilyn Ifill delivered on Martin Luther King Day at the Wisconsin state capital in Madison. Professor Ifill gives an eloquent speech, suggesting how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would think about some of the issues of racial and economic justice today. Governor Scott Walker and his wife look very uncomfortable. Dr. King of course, died while supporting a sanitation worker's strike, he would have spoke against Walker's attack on unions.   

from the description on Youtube:
"Sherrilyn Ifill, a law professor and a civil rights lawyer speaks to the MLK Day event at the Capitol and shares how the Reverend felt about some issues that we still find ourselves dealing with, like housing discrimination and predatory banking practices, the culture of war and how money and resources spent on war is money and resources not spent helping those in need, but the biggest response of the day was when she brought up the discriminatory voter disenfranchisement law that Walker pushed through."

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