Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kevin Costner's Message of Grace at Whitney Houston's Funeral

I hope my readers have been able to see Whitney Houston's funeral, or clips from it on YouTube. I think the funeral for Whitney Houston was so beautiful, with wonderful speakers and music. Watching Whitney's funeral inspired me, and renewed my personal faith.

Tyler Perry and Kevin Costner I think gave the most moving speeches. I have already posted Tyler Perry's speech, in which he shared how much Whitney loved the Lord.

Kevin Costner's affectionate reminisces presented Whitney as a woman of faith, who like him, had a Baptist Christian upbringing. He also presented Whitney as a woman who still struggled with self-confidence, even with her beauty, talent and success. Costner assured us that she was "great," and "perfect," and as "beautiful as a woman could be," that she had set the "bar so high," that other singers will not attempt to emulate her. Only young girls, who aspire to be the next Whitney, dare to follow in her footsteps. I think it is very touching how much love and admiration Costner has for Whitney Houston.

It was so beautiful what Costner had to say to Whitney:

"You weren't just pretty, you were as beautiful as a woman could be."

"People didn't just like you, Whitney. They loved you. I was your pretend bodyguard once not so long ago, and now you're gone, too soon, leaving us with memories".

Choking back tears, Kevin said goodbye one final time: "Off you go Whitney, off you go. Escorted by an army of angels to your heavenly father. "

"When you sing before him, don't you worry. You will be good enough".

Costner in his speech acknowledged Whitney's struggles, but he movingly proclaimed that Whitney was good enough to appear before her Father in heaven. By implication, Costner was also telling us that we are all acceptable to our Father in heaven.

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