Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anna Brown, Mother of two, with out insurance, thrown out of hospital, dies in police custody

Sometimes, I am at a loss to understand this country. This story breaks my heart. It sickens me. 

This country can be so barbaric. 

I am tired of politicians offering plans to give tax breaks to the wealthy, and cut social programs.

I am tired of religious people, Christians in particular, railing against universal health care, complaining about a "government take over" of health care. They say the church should do it. Bullshit, they can't.

We let people die in this country.

We have death panels, they are at private insurance companies.

Hospitals DO NOT always take care of people without health insurance.

I am tired of people thinking that there is no more racism in this culture, it isn't true; there are not only bigots, but there is still systematic racism in this country.

Via The Los Angeles Times: "Anna Brown was homeless and had so much pain in her legs that she couldn't walk. When Brown, 29, refused to leave the emergency room at St. Mary's Health Center in Richmond Heights, Mo., a suburb near inner St. Louis, the police thought she was on drugs and arrested her for trespassing. She'd already been examined, and a doctor said she was healthy enough to go to jail. The police carried her into a jail cell by her arms and ankles, her body slackened. There were a couple of beds in the cell, but they left her on the concrete floor. A couple of officers stood by the door as she writhed and moaned, and then they walked away. "They thought she was a drug seeker," an officer said later. She had stopped moving within 15 minutes and was pronounced dead a short time later...".* Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson and former prosecutor Steve Oh break it down on The Young Turks.,0,171094.story

from Common Dreams:
The horrific story of Anna Brown, a black, homeless, 29-year-old St. Louis woman and mother of two who after refusing to leave a hospital because her legs hurt so much was arrested for trespassing, handcuffed, dragged into a jail cell and left moaning on the floor, where she died of blood clots minutes later. Police thought she was on drugs. She wasn't. Can anyone possibly argue there is not underway in this country a gender, color and class war, though not the one the right wing envisions? There's a petition demanding access to health care, and video. Warning: disturbing.

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