Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fareed Zakaria: Health Insurance is for Everyone

Fareed Zakaria offers a well reasoned case for universal health care, whether it be single payer or with private insurers. One of the strong points of the article is that we will save money and lower costs with universal health care. In my view, it is a no-brainer, plus it high time the U.S. joins the rest of the civilized world in offering universal health care. Why would we not universal health care for everyone, delivered with lowers costs per capita, and as a smaller percentage of our GDP? Only greed, selfishness, ideology and stupidity can stand against the idea. 

you may read the article at CNN.COM:


from the article: 

"When listening to the debate about American health care, I find that many of the most fervent critics of government involvement argue almost entirely from abstract theoretical propositions about free markets. One can and should reason from principles. But one must also reason from reality, from facts on the ground. And the fact is that about 20 foreign countries provide health care for their citizens in some way or other. All of them - including free-market havens like Switzerland and Taiwan - have found that they need to use an insurance or government-sponsored model. All of them provide universal health care at much, much lower costs than we do and with better results...."

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