Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Albums: The Milestone Jazz Stars in Concert- Sonny Rollins, Ron Carter, and McCoy Tyner

In 1978, Milestone Records sponsored an all-star tour of three of their biggest artists- Sonny Rollins on saxophone, McCoy Tyner on piano, and Ron Carter on bass. Indeed, these are three of the greatest jazz artists of all time. Each one is a symbol for the instrument they play.

The brilliance of that tour is captured on the magnificent album, The Milestone Jazz Stars in Concert. Originally when the album came out in 1978, it was a double vinyl album, and I remember my copy having great sound. It can be downloaded now, or purchased on a single CD. Sometimes on the internet, it will simply be called, “In Concert” by Sonny Rollins.

Run, don’t walk, to buy this album. The performances are dazzling. The opening track, The Cutting Edge, is a tour de force. Ron Carter’s bass solo on the track is spell-binding. I embedded the YouTube video of the song below.

I remember back in the 70’s trying to convince my heavy metal friend that this is cool music, that the musicians on this record were amazing, and that their playing was more awesome than the rockers we listened to. But in my basement bedroom, my friend was impervious to my persuasion or the compelling music emanating from my turntable. His head was filled with Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath, and he had no interest in learning about jazz at that time. I too, was a rocker, and my wall was plastered with rock stars. But I became hooked for life on jazz as a teenager, and this album was one of the seminal recordings of my youth.

You may purchase The Milestone Jazz Stars in Concert here.

Click on the YouTube link below to hear the cool track, The Cutting Edge:


  1. I was looking for this record on Spotify but not finding it. I too love that cut, The Cutting Edge....Best Wishes, Tom Skalman

  2. Aw man. Can't get the youtube here either.