Saturday, March 3, 2012

For Lent: Healing from God

I love this passage of the Bible, which sees salvation as a healing. That is what salvation is, a healing; not a rescue from an angry god. 

For Christians, the line "the third day we shall arise and live before him," is a reference to the resurrection of Christ, and our resurrection in him. 


Let us go and return to the Lord our God;
for he has grasped and will heal us;
He will smite and plug the wound with lint.

After two days he will heal us.
In the third day we shall arise
and live before him.

Let us know, let us pursue
that we might know the Lord.
We shall find him ready as the daybreak.
And he will come to us
as the early and later rain to the earth.

- Hosea 6.1-3, Orthodox Study Bible.  

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