Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bernie Sanders & Class Warfare: Hands off Social Security, and What Really has Caused the Deficit

“This country does in fact have a serious deficit problem. But the reality is that the deficit was caused by two wars — unpaid for. It was caused by huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. It was caused by a recession as result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street. And if those are the causes of the deficit, I will be damned if we’re going to balance the budget on backs of the elderly, the sick, the children, and the poor. That’s wrong.”

Senator Bernie Sanders, November 17, 2011.

Lance's comment: 

Senator Sanders also points out that the wealthy have never had it so good, paying the lowest taxes and decades (and the Republicans now want to lower them even more!). The top 1% earn as much as the bottom 50%. Social Security has a 2.5 trillion surplus, and can pay out every benefit for the next 25 years. It has not contributed to the deficit. The Right Wing hates it because it works; before social security was implemented, 50% of seniors lived in poverty; now only 10% do. 

We must at all costs keep the Republicans OUT of power, we cannot allow the Paul Ryan plan to be adopted. The Republicans are hell bent in making this country a banana republic that has a rich oil industry. The Ryan plan seeks cuts in social security and Medicare, to partially privatize Medicare, and to give more tax breaks to the super wealthy, and to oil companies. It is a selfish and socially unjust. It represents true class warfare, but by the rich against the rest of us. 

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