Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bill Maher: Denying [that] Racism [exists] IS the New Racism

Bill Maher and Dr. Drew discuss on CNN the Trayvon Martin Case, and the racism that still exists in our society. Maher says that denying racism is the new racism. He also calls the Florida law that Zimmerman is invoking in his defense the "Anyone who scares you you can shoot law."

I do not know how people can deny the racism inherent in our culture, society, and yes, even in our institutions in light of  the tragedies involving Travyon Martin, Anna Brown, and Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. all reported on this blog.

We have to have a frank discussion about the racism that still exists in our society.

Bill Maher on his show back in October, coining the phrase, "Denying racism is the new racism." He quotes some stats:

  1. A black person killing a white person is sixteen times more likely to face the death penalty than a white person killing a black person. 
  2. Unemployment for whites is 8%, 17% for blacks. 
  3. 39% of Black children live in poverty. 

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