Monday, April 23, 2012

Endangered Species: Esperanza's Appeal for the Amazon Rainforest

Esperanza Spalding made superb recording of the Wayne Shorter 1985 classic, Endangered Species. Originally an instrumental, Esperanza wrote some new lyrics for the song. Esperanza provides some meaty bass guitar work on the song, and is joined by Lala Hathaway on vocals. For Earth Day 2012, Esperanza has produced a video for the song, featuring Sand Art. Esperanza makes an appeal on her web site for the environment, and for fans to donate to the Amazon Aid Foundation. Below are three videos:

  1. Esperanza’s Earth Day Message from her web site.
  2. The Sand Art Video for Endangered Species released for Earth Day.
  3. Esperanza’s live performance of Endangered Species on Austin City Limits from February 2010. I also have a link for you to contribute to the Amazon Aid Foundation, and a link where you can download for free for a limited time, the Sand Art video for Endangered Species.

Esperanza’s Earth Day Message:

Esperanza’s Endangered Species, with Sand Art Video for Earth Day:

Esperanza’s live performance of Endangered Species

Down Load Esperanza’s Endangered Species Sand Art Video for a limited time:

Donate to the Amazon Aid Foundation:

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