Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. of White Plains New York, killed by White Plains Police

What the hell is going on in this country? Trayvon! Anna! Now Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., shot to death in his own home by White Plains Police? These stories all have electronic recordings of some kind or another. How many stories will we never heard about because there is no recorded evidence? It is clear that there are still racial issues this country needs to face.

This man, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp., had his home invaded by White Plains Police when his medical alert system sent out a false signal. The police forced their way into the house, can be heard calling Mr. Chamberlain a "nigger" and they shot him dead in the chest. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief of his family. This man who served his country, retired, shot to death in his own home by police, who were asked to leave.

Only an idiot can insist racism does not exist in this country.

I have video below on the story by Democracy Now! and a petition for you to signed and be given to the the New York State Attorney General.

via Democracy Now!:
As the Trayvon Martin case draws national attention, we look at another fatal shooting of an African-American male that has received far less scrutiny. Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a 68-year-old African-American Marine veteran, was fatally shot in November by White Plains, NY, police who responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. The officers broke down Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him dead. Audio of the entire incident was recorded by the medical alert device in Chamberlain’s apartment. We’re joined by family attorneys and Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who struggles through tears to recount his father’s final moments, including the way police officers mocked his father’s past as a marine. "For them to look at my father that way, (with) no regard for his life, every morning I think about it," he says.

PLEASE SIGN the petition (VIA

On November 19, 2011, my father, 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., was shot and killed in his home in White Plains, New York.

My father was a 20-year veteran of the Westchester County Department of Corrections and proudly served the United States of America as a Marine. He stood about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and he suffered from a heart condition.

The events that led to his killing began around 5 a.m., when his medical alert device was accidentally set off, sending a call to the City of White Plains Department of Public Safety. Everything that happened after that was recorded by an audio device installed in my father's home as part of his medical alert system.

When the police arrived at my father's home, he and the staff for his medical alert service told them that there was no medical emergency and asked them to leave. And yet they insisted that my father let them into his home, banging loudly on my father's door for over an hour. On the recording, the police can be heard calling my father a "nigger."

Ultimately they broke through his apartment door and first shot him with a Taser. He was wearing nothing but boxer shorts when the police began their assault against him. Shortly after that, he was shot with two 40-caliber rounds and killed.

My family is asking the Westchester County District Attorney to bring a criminal indictment, and we call on the United States Department of Justice or the New York State Attorney General to prosecute this as a hate crime.

Will you sign our petition? Click here to sign and please share with your friends: 

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