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Mick Jagger's Great Performance on SNL May 19, 2012

via NBC
One of my favorite rock stars, Mick Jagger, was on Saturday Night Live last night, and he was hilarious. The Daily Beast said that "the monologue was gold," an apt assessment. Jagger was also funny in a skit where he portrayed a 1960's macho action movie hero who is a closet case. He camped it up nicely for that skit!

He also turned in some great musical performances with the Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck. It was a great way for Saturday Night Live, which hits and misses, to end their season. Jagger performed Stones classics, the Last Time, 19th Nervous Breakdown, It's Only Rock and Roll, and a new blues song about the 2012 US Presidential race, entitled “Tea Party.” Jagger’s new song included a peculiar line warning people on GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, saying “don’t ever let him cut your hair.” The song also included the lines, “You’re going to raise about a hundred million dollars, or you’re going to end up so deep down in the shit.” The word "shit" escaped the  censorship "bleep" and was clearly heard on national TV!
via NBC

I will also miss Kristin Wiig, who is leaving the cast of SNL. Mick helped send her off in style, as he and the SNL cast sang to her She's a Rainbow and Ruby Tuesday.

Mick Jagger and the Rollings Stones are at the very top of the pantheon of Rock gods along with the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan. It is great to see that Mick can still deliver, he is an awesome talent!

Below are some embedded videos from the performance below:

The Monologue:

 The Secret Word is, TMI:

 Fred Armisen has moves like Jagger:

Jagger does Tyler:

 Jagger gets the political blues:

Adios, Kristen Wiig:

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