Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Video of Dance/Poetry by the Poetess- 7 Voices

My friend the Poetess has just released a new video of spoken dance. The poem/dance is called 7 Voices. As I listen to the Poetess describe each voice, I realize that the locations of these voices correspond to the seven chakras. The poem mentions the third eye.  The Poetess, like many spiritual practitioners, musicians, and artists, express the idea that spiritual energy resides within the body. Our bodies are temples. As she often does in her poetry, the Poetess refers to God as the "Most High." The imagery is quite compelling. The Poetess can express so much with a simple of her hand or arms. Although the words although the words alone are great poetry, the performance of the Poetess draws one into a full, powerful experience of music, dance, and spoken word.
You may learn more at the Poetess' web site:

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