Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: The People's Bible

I obtained a copy of this excellent Bible last night, The Peoples' Bible, published by Fortress Press. The People's Bible highlights the role of cultures in shaping the Bible and the way people read the Bible today. Relying on the best insights of historical-critical, liberationist, postmodern, and post-colonial interpretation the contributors include the editors of the volume, Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Wilda C. Gafney, Leticia Guardiola-Saenz, George E. Tinker, Frank M. Yamada, plus Kosuke Koyama, Randall C. Bailey, Fernando F. Segovia, Elsa Tamez, Clarice Martin, Hee An Choi, Gale A. Yee, Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, and many more. Liberation theologians such as Gustavo Gutierrez and Tissa Balasuriya are quoted in side bars through out the pages of this Bible. Karl Barth once famously said, the Christian should read the Bible with newspaper; that means we read it in our real-world context. This is truly a people's Bible, which offers a Biblical world view from below. 

I highly recommend this Bible. It is in the New Revised Standard Version, probably the best translation in English, and the choice of scholars. 

The People's Bible was published in 2009 by Fortress Press in Minneapolis Minnesota. You may purchase a copy here: The Peoples' Bible. I obtained my copy for only $11 brand new at Half-Price Books. But Amazon.com has it also for a pretty good price today, $23.56.  

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