Monday, June 11, 2012

Esperanza Spalding performs "Smile Like That" on KCRW

Wow! Terrific performance by Esperanza Spalding, the First Lady of Jazz... singing and playing that groovy bass line at the same time, which always blows people away... one of the people commenting on Youtube says, "How the hell does she play bass lines like that WHILE singing?" We can say that for just about all her songs. Esperanza looks cool as she dances and bops about to the music. She feels her music intensely, which is probably why she capable of singing and playing so well at the same time. 

I also really dig the Radio Music Society Band Esperanza is touring with. The horn arrangements are very cool.

Smile Like That is probably my favorite track from the Radio Music Society CD; I also like I Can’t Help It and Black Gold.

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