Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Angela Davis speaking in Colorado Springs on the Prison Industrial Complex

Angela Davis speaking in Colorado Springs on the Prison Industrial Complex. Angela is truly one of the most prophetic voices of our times. She is a prophet in the Old Testament sense, calling us to social justice. In the United States we incarcerate more of our people than any other country, including China. We have a large number of non-violent people in jails and prisons, largely as a result of the misguided "war on drugs." Also there is a racial dimension to the prison industrial complex, as a very large percentage African-American males are incarcerated. It costs more to incarcerate people than it does to send them to college. It is more expensive to incarcerate a drug addict than to pay for his or her rehabilitation. The Prison Industrial Complex is classist and racist, and it is economically inefficient. 

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  1. Dear Mz. Davis,

    My family has seeked counsel for many years, to STOP the abuses at Chester MHC, orchestrated against our lovedone, David P., who's being FORCED PSYCHE drugs(when it is convenient for the abusive guards).

    We are concerned for his health from these drugs and for his cognitive abilities.

    Chester MHC, is attempting to prohibit us(his family), from gaining POA for him, to have control over his businesses;health/general, etc.

    I have, IN my possession, MANY medical records to PROVE rape on him, physical assaults and false writeups causing him to be put on a bad(red) level, jeopardizing his TRANSFER OUT of CMHC, for we were informed AGAIN, on 04-02-2012, that he is doing extremely well, yet he is STILL being HARRASSED, which has caused him to be moved to Unit c3, where another patient/gangbanger, has stabbed him with a epncil(which by the way, HE was blamed for, because he defended himself from this assault).

    We are in DIER need of your HELP, to assist us in retrieving a 'Human Rights' atty., to represent him.

    If you will, please contact I, at (773)622-2906, AFTER, the 5th of July, 2012, for AT&T, will correct the FRAUD a representative working under AT&T's umbrella DECEIVED I into beliving that the technician was just coming to fix static that's on my phone, but FRADULENTLY signed I up for NEW phone service AND internet service.

    We are concerned for his HEALTH is deterioating from PSYCHOTROPIC drugs and he needs us(his family), to have the authority to choose concerning treatment so that he can have better health.

    Statue 405 of the U.S. Constitution DISABILITIES CODE, PROHIBITS ABUSE of ANY KIND and Chester MHC, has violated this code for YEARS, along with stolen much of his state pay, for he has been there OVER 15 years and we(his family), has been the ones who has tried to sustain him, through all of CMHC's abuses;trying to see that he had some peace/pleasures of normacy while there(even with much being stolen from him, even by the night shift guards, who has also threatened to "go in your box whenever I want".

    PLEASE HELP, is the SAME message( sent, before his atty. got him released in '2005'.

    He's another, who stated to I that David made him aware that he was being raped by guards and Yoder stated to him that "if that's happening to you, you can file a law suit and get out of here".

    Yoder ALSO stated to I, that he SAW guards in 2001, when my sister was falsely JAILED;"put in the police car"(according to Yoder)because she REFUSE to allow gaurds intimidate her during a visit with David in an attempt to stop her from visiting so she wouldn't see OFTEN, the injuries he has sustained regularly, from the assaults by guards or others that guards instigate to start fights.

    Guards at CMHC, ask patients if they want to fight other patients.

    BOTH Yoder and my brother, has stated to I, that this has been asked to them, BY guards.


    I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.