Friday, August 31, 2012

My Home-Made Videos of Esperanza Spalding Rarities

I have made some videos for Esperanza Spalding recording that I have uploaded on YouTube. I stuck with the rarer tracks, ones that are on other people's albums or compilation albums, or bonus tracks, ones that do not have official promo videos produced by Esperanza's record company.

1) The masterpiece, I think, is Esperanza's sublime Morning, which is a bonus track on the vinyl edition of the Chamber Music Society, and also a bonus track on the DVD for Radio Music Society. This is a bonus track on the Deluxe CD/DVD version of Esperanza Spalding's Radio Music Society. It is a song with with sexy lyrics, about two people spending the night together, sung by Esperanza in a sultry, but disciplined voice. Musically, it is very interesting, combining Jazz with an experimental rock sound. The track features a tastefully cacophonous wall of sound, but Esperanza's upright bass lines cuts through the mix with some interesting fills. Its a great song and sounds terrific. Esperanza's voice is in top form. I fed the song into my computer from my vinyl Chamber Music Society LP to produce an electronic version. It is no doubt the best production on my part of a home made video.

2) Esperanza's recording of the Joe Lee Wilson song, Jazz Ain't Nothing But Soul. Studio version, featuring Joe Lovano on saxophone. This is a bonus track for the Radio Music Society album, available from iTunes. I think it is one of the very best tracks for the whole Radio Music Society project. It features one of her mentors, sax great Joe Lovano.  Esperanza opened up her 2009 Austin City Limits performance with the song.

3) Esperanza performs Sunlight. She did a terrific live version of this song on Austin City Limits in February of 2009. Both the live version and studio version feature some sinewy bass playing from Esperanza. This is the studio version, which is available a single for download on iTunes.

4) Esperanza covers the Disney Classic Chim Chim Cheree with help from her Chamber Music Society co-producer Gil Goldstein. Esperanza plays her upright bass, and bows a solo; Goldstein plays piano and accordion. Esperanza scats the song in a rather lovely, haunting voice, rather than sing the lyrics. A gem. This is available not only on iTunes, but in a 2011 Jazz compilation of Disney Classics called, Everyone Wants to be Cat.

5) Esperanza covers a classic Jazz Standard, Weaver of Dreams, with a very nice light touch on vocals and upright bass. It is available on iTunes and on a compilation called Mile: A Hush Collection.

6 )Esperanza sings with Stanley Clarke, another one of my bass heroes, on a song called All Over Again. The song appeared on Clarke's 2007 CD, Toys of Men. Stanley accompanies her with some melodic bass chords.

7 & 8 )Finally, I have too all too brief but precious Esperanza bass solos caught live with Joe Lovano & US5 at Hopkins Art Center in Hopkins Minnesota October, 2011. Unfortunately, I was a poor steward of my cell phone battery life that day, and my battery display just had the red outline when I captured these brief performances. I could not get much more, so tried to save the video time for her solos. The video is not real good (I am sitting in the second row, but the performers look like they are a mile away), but you can hear clearly Esperanza's tasty upright solos.

Listing (the number of "views" listed here are as of August 31st, 2012).
  • Esperanza Spalding - Morning by Lance Goldsberry 106,224 views 2  3:37
  • Esperanza Spalding - Jazz Ain't Nothing But Soul by Lance Goldsberry 279 views 3  5:22
  • Esperanza Spalding - Sunlight by Lance Goldsberry 261 views 4  5:05
  • All Over Again - Stanley Clarke and Esperanza Spalding by Lance Goldsberry 610 views 5  2:22
  • Esperanza Spalding performs Weaver of Dreams by Lance Goldsberry 5,735 views 6  3:44
  • Esperanza Spalding Performs Chim Chim Cher ee by Lance Goldsberry 22,147 views 7  0:29
  • Esperanza Bass Solo 1 with Joe Lovano and US5 by Lance Goldsberry 217 views 8  1:06
  • Esperanza Bass Solo 2 with Joe Lovano by Lance Goldsberry 193 views 9  6:05  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian McBride and Dee Dee Bridgewater -It's Your Thing

What a great track, It’s Your Thing, a duet by Christian McBride and Dee Dee Bridgewater on McBride's 2011 CD, Conversations with Christian. Just Christian and his percussive bass playing, and Dee Dee Bridgewater's sultry singing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bruce Cockburn performs Blind Willie Johnson's WHAT IS THE SOUL OF A MAN?

Bruce Cockburn peforms a blues tune by Blind Willie Johnson. WHAT IS THE SOUL OF A MAN?

Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can!
Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man
I'm going to ask the question, answer if you can
If anybody here can tell me, what is the soul of a man?
Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can!
Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man
I've traveled in different countries, I've traveled foreign lands
I've found nobody to tell me, what is the soul of a man
I saw a crowd stand talking, I came up right on time
Were hearing the doctor and the lawyer, say a man ain't nothing but his mind
Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can!
Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man
I read the bible often, I tries to read it right
As far as I can understand, its nothing but a burning light!
Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can!
Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man
When Christ stood in the temple, the people stood amazed
Was showing the doctors and the lawyers, how to raise a body from the grave
Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can!
Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man