Saturday, September 22, 2012

The House I Live In Trailer- the Racist, Expensive, and Ineffective "War on Drugs."

It is high time to end the war on drugs. It is a racist policy, that does not curb drug abuse, and it is a trillion-dollar failure. It feeds into the prison-industrial complex. Eugene Jarecki's film which won the documentary award at Sundance will be released October 5th. One of the judges interviewed in the film said "I have only seen 3 or 4 drug pins, we mostly send away poor, drug-addicted people." The drug war represents oppression with its systematic racism. It ultimately affects all of us and is one of the forces undermining our democracy. IT is simply bad policy. It destroys communities and families and is ineffective. - Lance

An investigative look at America’s war on drugs and its impact on the criminal justice system. Director Eugene Jarecki was Bill Maher’s first guest on Real Time tonight with a message that’s been obscured for decades: The so-called War on Drugs is effectively a War on Minorities, and the causalities of that war are predominantly young Black men, with a focus on the experiences of Nannie Jeter, a former employee of filmmaker Eugene ‘s family.
The House I Live In won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at Sundance 2012, and will open in limited release on October 5, 2012. 

“The war on drugs is bullshit...The war on drugs really is a war on minorities...we had slavery, and then we had the Jim Crowe laws, and I really believe that the successor to those two ways of putting down minorities, the black man is the drug wars.” - Bill Maher

Eugene Jarecki appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday evening, September 21st, 2012. It is an excellent interview, powerfully prophetic about the war on drugs and its racist dimension. 

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