Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Attacks on the Obamas

I think some people, both on the left and right, absolutely hate the Obamas. If people want to criticize the President’s policies on drones, Syria, the banking industry, and be prosecutorial about it, be my guest. But the viciousness and vitriol I have seen aimed at this couple since 2008 (sometimes from people calling themselves “Christians” ) is appalling. I am sick of these attacks: calling the president a Muslim when he is clearly a Christian (as though it would be something evil if he was), accusing him of supporting Al-Queda; insisting he wasn’t born in the USA; chastising the first lady for encouraging healthy behavior and eating habits. These kind of attacks only come from one source: the evil one, and hate; and yes, for some people at least, their racist hearts. And don’t you dare call yourself a “Christian” in the same breath around me while saying these things.

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