Friday, November 27, 2015

45th Anniversary of All Things Must Pass

Today is the 45th Anniversary of the George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album (ATMP). ATMP is arguably the greatest Beatle solo album, although there are one or two other contenders, too (e.g., Band on the Run, Plastic Ono Band, etc.). But as far as a well-written, well performed and produced record album, ATMP I believe is the best record any of the former Fabs made.

I remember being exhilarated listening to it the first time, especially the opening track, I'd Have You Anytime (which George co-wrote with Bob Dylan). There are many other gems: George's first number one, his spiritual My Sweet Lord was a huge hit. What is Life? is the other top 10 song from the album. It is a favorite of mine, although I felt that the slide guitars are too low in the mix, overwhelmed by Spector's wall of sound, which characterizes this album.

There were many guest stars on this album, including Eric Clapton, Dave Mason, Jim Kelter, Jim Gordon, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Badfinger, and others.

George, who had been overshadowed by the songwriting partnership of Lennon-McCartney in the Beatles, showed forth his talent and power as a songwriter and guitarist on this album. His brilliance as a songwriter was already indicated by his contributions, Something, and Here Comes the Sun, on the last recorded Beatle's album, Abbey Road. George's songs on ATMP have become classics as well, including Isn't it a Pity, Wah Wah, Beware of Darkness, as well as My Sweet Lord and What is Life? already mentioned.

Only a Beatle could get away with releasing a 3-record Album in 1970, and yet there is no filler on this album, it is a magnificent set.

I still love to listen to this album. I miss George Harrison quite a bit. I am going to be listening to his masterpiece today, on the 45th anniversary of it's release.

Beware of Darkness, from All Things Must Pass, performed at the Concert of Bangladesh

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