Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I am for Bernie; Hilary doesn't get it

Hilary Clinton does not get it; when she made that crack about "we're not Denmark," at the first debate, she lost me. If she wins the Democratic nomination, I will only vote for her because of the SCOTUS.

She does not understand to the extent Sanders does how the poor and middle class are getting creamed, how we are be eviscerated by health care costs and student loan debt, she doesn't get it.

We DO need to be more like Western Europe and have more social solidarity. This is what Sanders is tapping into.

Her daughter, married to a hedge fund manager, disparages single payer health care, when those countries that have it pay less per person and less as a percentage of their GDP and enjoy better health outcomes and cover everyone.

People cannot afford insurance, even with the ACA. We have to get rid of private insurance, she does not understand that.

We cannot do business as usual, we need a revolution, the blue dog centrist democratic thing is not going to win people over. Hilary Clinton needs to show she understands what is happening to Americans, and wants to do something about it.

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